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Now the Assembly [the Kit-Kat Club] to adjourn prepar'd,

When Bibliopolo from behind appear'd
As well describ'd by th' old Satyrick Bard,
With leering Looks, Bull-fac'd , and Freckled fair,
With two left Legs; and Judas-colour'd [red] Hair,
With Frowzy Pores, that taint the ambient Air.
Sweating and Puffing for a-while he stood.
And then broke forth in this insulting Mood:

I am the Touchstone of all Modern Wit,

Without my Stamp in vain your Poets write.
Those only purchase everliving Fame,
That in my Miscellany plant their Name.

-- From William Shippen's, Faction Display'd, the work of a Tory poet on the powerful Whig publisher Jacob Tonson (Bibliopolo, or "book-seller") whose series of anthologies, known as Dryden's Miscellanies or Tonson's Miscellanies used the work of poets paid at low rates to create profitable income for Tonson and, sometimes, recognition and fame for the poets. Shippen incorporated three lines (in italics) written about Tonson by John Dryden, one of the most prominent of Tonson's low-paid poets.[1]

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Biography, criticism, scholarship
John Dennis, The Grounds of Criticism in Poetry, (criticism in prose)[4]


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