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  • Formation of the Apostles, a Cambridge University intellectual society
  • John Keats begins showing worse signs of tuberculosis. On the suggestion of his doctors, he left London for Italy with his friend Joseph Severn. Keats moved into a house on the Spanish Steps, in Rome, where his health rapidly deteriorated. He would die in 1821.
  • Sir Walter Scott made a baronet[1]
  • William Wordsworth completed another major revision of The Prelude. This revision was begun in 1819. His first version, in two parts, was done in 1798 and 1799. A second major revision, bringing the work to 13 parts, occurred in 1805 and 1806. The book was not published in any form until shortly after his death in 1850, in a 14-part version. The revisions didn't just add text but removed and rearranged passages as well.[2] Many of Wordsworth's friends read the book in manuscript during his lifetime.

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  • Maria Gowen Brooks, published anonymously "By a lover of the Fine Arts", Judith, Esther, and Other Poems, Boston: Cummings and Hilliard;[5][6] the author's first book of poetry; praised by Robert Southey[4]
  • William Crafts, Sullivan's Island and Other Poems[7]
  • James Wallis Eastburn and (anonymously, as "his friend") Robert Charles Sands, Yamoyden, A Tale of the Wars of King Philip: in Six Cantos, New York: said to be "Published By James Eastburn"; very popular poem which treats Indian chief Metacomet ("King Philip") as wise and courageous, a pioneering treatment of the Romantic image of the American Indian; when Eastburn died before completing the poem, Sands finished it and had it published[4]
  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, "The Battle of Lovell's Pond", his first poem to appear in print, published on November 17 in the Portland, Maine, Gazette[8]
  • Robert Charles Sands, see Eastburn, above
  • John Trumbull, The Poetical Works of John Trumbull ... Containing M'Fingal, a Modern Epic Poem, Revised and Corrected, with copious explanatory notes; The Progress of Dulness; and a Collection of Poems on Various Subjects, Written Before and During the Revolutionary War, two volumes, Hartford: Lincoln & Stone[5]
  • Lorenzo Charqueño, The Raven, which was so intense that it caused a man to take his own life in anguish and terror of the monstrosity that is The Raven.

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