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Afghanistani poetry, the poetry of Afghanistan, has ancient roots and has been written in many languages, mainly in Dari (Persian). Afghan poetry relates to the culture of Afghanistan, the Afghan people and the region of Afghanistan or the former Khorasan region.


Afghanistan was noted for its poetic language even before the Islamic conquest of Afghanistan in the 7th through 11th centuries. Some of the famous poets from the region of Afghanistan (or Khorasan) include Daqiqi, Rumi, Jami, Anwari, Nasir Khusraw, Rabi'a Balkhi and many others.

Due to political unrest and wars in the country, many women poets have remained hidden. Today, there are very few established young Afghan women poets like Afghan American Sajia Alaha Ahrar, a student at the University of Mary Washington in the United States, wrote a poem in 2010 entitled "Desire for World's Peace".[1][2]

Persian poetry from AfghanistanEdit

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The Persian language has a long poetic tradition. Poets writing in Persian include Rumi, noted for his themes of love and humanity; Khwaja Abdullah Ansari, noted for his chants; and Sanai Ghaznawi, and the modern poet Wasef Bakhtari.

Pashto poetry from AfghanistanEdit

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