Alan Norman Bold (1943-1998) was a Scottish poet, biographer, and journalist.[1] He edited Hugh MacDiarmid's Letters and wrote the influential biography MacDiarmid.[2]


Bold was born in Edinburgh.[1]

Bold had acquainted himself with MacDiarmid in 1963 while still an English Literature student at Edinburgh University. His debut work, Society Inebrious, with a lengthy introduction by MacDiarmid, was published in 1965, during Bold's final university year. This early publication kick-started a prolific poetic career with Bold publishing another three books of verse before the end of the decade, including the ambitious book-length poem The State of the Nation. He also edited The Penguin Book of Socialist Verse (1970) and published a 1973 biography of Robert Burns.

Alan Bold married an art teacher, Alice; they had a daughter, Valentina, who is now head of Scottish Studies at the University of Glasgow at Dumfries.[3] A lifelong heavy drinker who dealt with the boozy life of the poet in such collections as A Pint of Bitter, Bold died in early 1998 in a hospital in Kirkcaldy at the age of 54.



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Short fictionEdit

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