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Andy Quan
Born July 7 1969 (1969-07-07) (age 51)
Vancouver, British Columbia
Occupation author

Andy Quan (born 7 July 1969), is a Chinese-Canadian poet and prose writer.


Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Quan now lives in Sydney, Australia. Quan is openly gay.[1]

In addition to his writing, Quan is a musician and community activist and has worked as a policy writer and project manager on issues related to the global HIV epidemic. [2]


In his writing, he frequently explores the ways in which sexual identity and cultural identity interact.[3]

Poetry International: "Quan’s work emphasises the phenomenal over the ideational while creating work that is at times as political as it is experiential, as deeply thought as it is felt. While his work ranges over identity and belonging in terms of ethnicity, migration and nation, homosexuality, family and culture, at the centre of these divigations is the rich texture of the lived moment and the speaking voice. There is little room for smoke and mirrors. Quan’s poetry is remarkable, not so much for its negotiation of the theories and conflicts in identity politics, but for the poised and sure-footed way it offers lived experience, to be tasted and known."[3]


Quan's debut collection of fiction, Calendar Boy, was nominated for a Lambda Literary Award.[3]

In 2005 he was recognised as the Charity Erotic Awards Writer of the Year and the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Business Association Writer of the Year.[3]

Publications Edit


  • Slant. Madeira Park, BC: Nightwood Editions, 2001.
  • Bowling Pin Fire. Winnipeg, MB: Signature Editions, 2007.

Short fictionEdit

  • Calendar Boy. Vancouver, BC: New Star Books, 2001; Sydney: Penguin Australia, 2002.
  • Six Positions: Sex writing by Andy Quan. San Francisco, CA: Green Candy Press, 2005.


  • Swallowing Clouds: An anthology of Chinese-Canadian poetry (edited with Jim Wong-Chu). Vancouver, BC: Arsenal Pulp Press, 1999.[4] ISBN 1-55152-073-7
  • Corpus: An HIV Prevention Publication, Vol. 6, No. 1, AIDS Project Los Angeles, 2008, ISBN 1-897109-22-9  (journal)[5]
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Except where noted, bibliographical information courtesy Poetry International.[3]

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