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The Australian Poetry Library is an online archive of Australian poetry and poetry-related resources. It is a joint initiative of the University of Sydney (US) and Australia's Copyright Agency Limited (CAL), and is funded by a Linkage Grant from the Australian Research Council, as well as by US and CAL.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

The Library began with a prototype site developed by Australian poet John Tranter. In 2004 Tranter built a free prototype internet site that presented biographical and bibliographical information about more than 70 Australian poets plus poems, book reviews and interviews. In 2005 he handed the project over to a consortium consisting of the University of Sydney English Department, the University of Sydney Library and the Copyright Agency Limited. In 2006 the consortium was granted half a million dollars by the Australian Research Council to further extend the work as a research project as the Australian Poetry Research Internet Library (APRIL) with an internet site hosted by the University of Sydney]] Library. The project was launched at State Government House, Sydney, on 25 May 2011.[2]

APL today[edit | edit source]

It is currently maintained by a team of researchers from US, led by Tranger and Prof. Elizabeth Webby. As of the beginning of 2012, it contained more than 42,000 poems by over 170 poets.[1]

One aim of the Library is to help Australian poets, both by giving them a new, worldwide audience for their work, but to enable them to receive payment for use of their work still under copyright. A second aim is to encourage Australian teachers to use the country's poetry more in English courses. A third is to make Australian poetry more easily available to readers in remote regions.[1]

The database of poems is fully searchable by poets or by poem. Poems can be read on the web for free, or downloaded and/or printed for a small fee (part of which is remitted to the poets by CAL). Teachers and students may also create their own anthologies of Australian poetry, on .pdf and (coming soon) via print on demand from Sydney University Press.[1]

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