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by George J. Dance

Brick Books
Parent company Brick Books
Founded 1975
Founder Stan Dragland
Country of origin Canada
Headquarters location London, Ontario
Key people Don McKay, Truus Dragland, and Jean McKay.
Publication types Books
Nonfiction topics poetry
Official website

Brick Books is a Canadian small press book publisher based in London, Ontario. It is the only press in Canada that specializes in publishing poetry books.[1]


From the company website: "The mandate of Brick Books is to foster interesting, ambitious, and compelling work by Canadian poets, both new and established; to create and maintain the exceptional editorial standard for which Brick has gained a national reputation; to produce beautifully designed, attractive books worthy of the excellence of their contents; and to distribute and promote these books and their authors."[1]


Brick Books was founded by Stan Dragland and Don McKay in the mid-1970's, and began by publishing chapbooks. (It now publishes full-length collections).[1]

The company began as Nairn publishing house, which was established Ailsa Craig, Ontario in 1971 but suspended operations in 1975. The unpublished stock was left in the custodianship of Dragland (editor of Brick magazine in London, Ontario) with an open offer to take over the imprint if he wished. The first Nairn book Dragland published was Ten Letters, a 1975 chapbook by Colleen Thibaudeau. Don McKay joined as editor and co-publisher in 1977, and operations were transferred to the Mackay home in Coldstream, Ontario (just outside London). The name was changed to Brick/Nairn in 1979, and eventually Brick Books in 1981.[2]

In Spring 1985 Brick magazine was taken over by Linda Spalding and Michael Ondaatje, and ceased to be affiliated with Brick Books.[2]


Brick Books is a national press, with authors and editors scattered across the country (from Quadra Island, BC to St. John’s, Newfoundland), production, printing and distribution located in Toronto, and administration in London, Ontario. The company publishes 7 new books and an average of 9 reprints every year.[1]

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