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Canadian Singers and their Songs: A collection of portraits and autograph poems is a 1919 anthology of Canadian poetry in English.


The book was compiled by Edward S. Caswell, and published by McClelland & Stewart of Toronto in 1919.[1]

Poets anthologizedEdit

The poets represented in the anthology, in order presented (and with the forms of their names used in it), are:

  1. Charles Sangster
  2. William Talbot Allison
  3. John Wilson Bengough
  4. Mary Josephine Benson
  5. Jean Blewett
  6. Arthur S. Bourinot
  7. Frank Oliver Call
  8. Wilfred Campbell
  9. Bliss Carman
  10. Helena Coleman
  11. Isabella Valancey Crawford
  12. Edward Hartley Dewart
  13. James B. Dollard
  14. William Henry Drummond
  15. Douglas Leader Durkin
  16. Helen Merrill Egerton
  17. Alexander Louis Fraser
  18. Alfred Gordon
  19. Katherine Hale
  20. S. Frances Harrison
  21. Norah M. Holland
  22. Hilda Mary Hooke
  23. Annie Campbell Huestis
  24. E. Pauline Johnson (Tekahionwake)
  25. Robert Kirkland Kernighan
  26. William Kirby, F.R.S.C.
  27. Archibald Lampman
  28. James Miles Langstaff
  29. Lilian Leveridge
  30. William Douw Lighthall
  31. Florence Randal Livesay
  32. Arthur John Lockhart
  33. John Daniel Logan, Ph.D.
  34. Daniel Carman McArthur
  35. Peter McArthur
  36. Alma Frances McCollum
  37. John McCrae
  38. Alexander M'Lachlan
  39. Elizabeth Roberts MacDonald
  40. L.M. Montgomery MacDonald
  41. Wilson MacDonald
  42. Agnes Maule Machar
  43. Isabel Eccleston McKay
  44. Charles Mair
  45. Jesse Edgar Middleton
  46. J. Lewis Milligan
  47. Susanna Moodie
  48. Robert Norwood
  49. Thomas O'Hagan
  50. Amy Parkinson
  51. Arthur L. Phelps
  52. Marjorie Pickthall
  53. Theodore Harding Rand
  54. John Reade
  55. Charles G.D. Roberts
  56. Lloyd Roberts
  57. Theodore Goodridge Roberts
  58. Duncan Campbell Scott
  59. Frederick George Scott
  60. Joseph Scriven
  61. Robert W. Service
  62. Virna Sheard
  63. Goldwin Smith
  64. Albert E.S. Smythe
  65. Robert J.C. Stead
  66. Arthur Stringer
  67. Alan Sullivan
  68. Eve Blodrique Summers
  69. Hartley Munro Thomas
  70. Edward William Thomson
  71. Bernard Freeman Trotter
  72. John Frushard Waddington
  73. Albert Durrant Watson
  74. Ethelwyn Wetherald

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  1. Canadian Singers and their Songs (compiled by Edward S. Caswell), Toronto: McLelland & Stewart, 1911. Internet Archive, Web, Oct. 14, 2013.

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