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Coates Kinney (1826-1904). Courtesy My Poetic Side.

Coates Kinney (born November 24, 1826 - 1904) was an American poet, journalist, and politician.


Kinney was born at Kinney's Corners, New York. He was educated at Antioch College, Ohio, but did not graduate. He was admitted to the bar in 1856, and became connected editorially with journals in Xenia and Cincinnati, Ohio, Springfield, Illinois, and elsewhere. He served in the Civil War as major and paymaster, and later was active in Ohio Republican politics, being a Senator in the state legislature, 1882-1883.

His verses were collected in Keeuka, and other poems (1855) and Lyrics of the Ideal and the Real (1888). One of his lyrics set to music, “Rain on the Roof,” was widely popular.


  • Keeuka, and other poems. Cincinnati, OH: privately published, 1855.
  • Lyrics of the Ideal and the Real. privately published, 1887.
  • Mists of Fire: A trilogy; and some eclogs. Chicago: Rand, McNally, 1899.
  • Selected Poems. privately published, 1927.

Except where noted, bibliographical information courtesy University of West Virginia.[1]


He served as Poet laureate of Ohio.[1]

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