The Electronic Poetry Center (EPC) is an online resource for digital poetry.

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EPC is sponsored by various departments at SUNY Buffalo, It was founded in 1995 by Loss Pequeño Glazier and Charles Bernstein, making it one of the oldest resources for poetry on the World Wide Web. It was the sponsor of E-Poetry 2001, the world's first festival exclusively dedicated to electronic poetry.

In addition to its focus on digital poetry, it also is dedicated to the promotion and archiving of other "contemporary formally innovative poetries."[1] This is a reflection of its origins in SUNY Buffalo's Poetics Program, a program founded in 1991 by Charles Bernstein and Robert Creeley, which maintains a long-standing interest in experimental, progressive, and avant-garde poetics.

The extensive curated archives at the site make it a popular destination for the study and enjoyment of contemporary poetry: a 2000 estimate has the site receiving 10 million visits a year.[2]

It is partnered with similar organizations, including UBUWeb and the University of Pennsylvania's PennSound project.

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