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Elizabeth Bath
Born Elizabeth Paddy
February 17 1776(1776-Template:MONTHNUMBER-17)
Died October 3 1844(1844-Template:MONTHNUMBER-03) (aged 68)
Period Romantic period
Notable work(s) Poems on Various Occasions, 1806
Spouse(s) Henry Bath

sister of Mary Osler (née Paddy)

great aunt of William Osler

Elizabeth Bath (17 February 1776 - 3 October 1844)[1] was an English poet.


Bath was born Elizabeth Paddy, the daughter of Edward Paddy and Mary (Rowling) of Falmouth, Cornwall.

On 7 November 1796 she married Henry Bath (24 January 1776 - 29 May 1844) a Quaker and metals merchant of Swansea, South Wales, also founder of Henry Bath & Son Ltd., an enterprise still in existence today. They lived at Rosehill House, in Mumbles, Swansea.[2]

Elizabeth's sister, Mary, became the wife of Edward Osler and thereby the grandmother of Sir William Osler, the world-renowned physician.[2]

Elizabeth was the author of a collection of 66 poems published by subscription in 1806 in Bristol.[3]


Bath's book is dedicated to a friend "whose sincerity is equaled only by the stability which has ever marked her character." The poems take a variety of forms — some are sonnets; some are longer poems — and they address religion, loss, friendship, sensibility, and other likely topics. The list of subscribers is substantial.


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