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Ellen Mary Clerke (20 September 1840 - 2 March 1906) was an Irish poet, prose author, journalist, and popular science writer in the field of astronomy.


Clerke was born in Skibbereen, co. Cork, Ireland. Agnes Mary Clerke, also a writer on astronomy, was her sister; they were the children of Judge's Registrar, John William Clerke (circa 1807-1890) and his wife Margaret (born circa 1819).[1]

Clerke lived in Italy for 7 years, and contributed stories in Italian periodicals in the country. She was for many years an editorial writer for the London Tablet.[2]

Clerke also contributed to the Dublin Review,[3] and to the Dictionary of National Biography.[4]


Ellen Mary Clarke's poem "The Building and the Pinnacle of the Temple" was included in the Oxford Book of English Mystical Verse."[5]



  • The Flying Dutchman, and other poems. London: W. Satchell & Co., 1881.


  • Flowers Of Fire (novel). London: 1902.


  • Jupiter and His System. London: E. Stanford, 1892.
  • The Planet Venus. London: Witherby & Co., 1893.


Except where noted, bibliographical information courtesy WorldCat.[6]

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