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Walsh Poems and sonnets

Ernest Walsh (1895-1926), Poems and Sonnets, 1934. Courtesy

Ernest Walsh (1895 - October 1926) was an expatriate American poet and magazine editor.


Walsh was born in Detroit, Michigan, but grew up in Cuba, where his father, James Walsh, worked as a coffee and tea wholesaler. After the family returned to Detroit, James Walsh died; Ernest Walsh subsequently ran away from home, at age 14.[1]

He was diagnosed with tuberculosis at 17, and spent 2 years in a sanatorium at Lake Saranac, New York. After being discharged, supposedly cured, he wandered the United States looking for jobs. He enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1917 as an air cadet. He was injured, suffering lung damage, when a plane he was piloting during a Texas training flight crashed.[1]

In 1922 Walsh moved to Paris, hoping to join the literary scene. His funds soon ran out, leaving him penniless, sick, and exhausted in one of the city's finest hotels. He was rescued by Ezra Pound, who paid his debt. Pound introduced Walsh to Scottish poet and artist Ethel Moorhead, who became his patron. Walsh and Moorhead founded and edited This Quarter, a literary magazine based in Paris, which published original work by Pound and James Joyce.[2]

Walsh later became romantically involved with American poet Kay Boyle, who also collaborated on This Quarter. Walsh and Boyle moved to the Riviera for his health. He died there of tuberculosis.[2]

Sylvia Beach said of him:

(Walsh) knew he had but a few months to live and he had decided to come to Paris to spend the time remaining to him among the writers he admired. He dreamed of making a name for himself as a poet, which was more difficult. There was something very fine about Ernest Walsh; he was alive and he was heroic.[2]



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  1. Sonnet (When Love unveiled her body to my sight)

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