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Statue of Orhan Veli Kanık in Aşiyan, Beşiktaş, Turkey. Courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

Garip (Template:Lang-tr) was a group of Turkish poets. The group was also known as the First New Movement. It was composed of Orhan Veli, Oktay Rifat and Melih Cevdet, who had been friends since high school. The name "Garip" signalled a break with the conventional, decadent style of Turkish poetry and literature at the time. Garip poets used vernacular speech and surrealist elements in their poems.


They refuse admitting the molds of poetry and over-sensitivity. They defend articulatory beauty. In 1941; Orhan Veli, M.Cevdet Anday and Oktay Rıfat refused over-sensitivity in poetry stereotypes to articulatory and wrote individual poems and they brought them together in Garip.This name made the narrators well known and gained them a new identity and brought a different kind ton Turkish poetry. They ignored every rule in poetry and they gained irregularity. Measure of the poem.rhyme and stanza are unrelated ,the free writing and poetry should be defended and expanded topics .They defend that the poetry can involve everything. They showed that people can write a poetry about calluses which is bad and disgusting... They transferred public words to poetry. They were inconsistent and they collected a lot of responses.

The group made their mark with a 1941 joint poetry collection entitled Garip. After Veli's death in 1950, the two remaining friends developed their own individual styles and began to write novels and theater pieces as well. Rifat and Cevdet participated in the Second New Movement in following years.

The group's poems were published in a number of literary magazines, especially Varlık (Existence) and Yaprak (Leaf). Varlık still exists as a nationally-distributed magazine; Yaprak, however, was a literary magazine that was just a bundle of a few pages prepared, edited, and distributed by the Garip poets until the sudden death of Orhan Veli at the age of thirty-six.

Unfortunately this stream’s importance has been comprehended in last years.They specified their aims in their book ’’GARİP’’. Unfortunately whoever followed Garip stream became poor and died in bad ways. They usually died alone.

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