James Church Alvord was an American poet, librettist, and short story writer.


Little information is available on Alvord. In 1917 he was living in Littleton,[1] and in 1918 in South Attleboro, Massachusetts.[2]

A handful of his poems were published in Poetry magazine, and are available in its online archives. Others appeared in general magazines such as The Nation and The Century Magazine. A libretto he wrote for a "Scène Dramatique" by composer Frederick Stevenson, called "An American Ace", is available through the Library of Congress.

In addition to poetry, he also wrote reviews for the New York Times.[3]

Before the entry of the United States into World War I, Alvord published a short story ("The Iron Cross") in a collection produced by the Christian Women's Peace Movement; but as the libretto to "American Ace" shows, by the end of the war he had adopted a different stance.

In the 1920s someone of the same name was a professor of modern languages at Centenary College of Louisiana, and wrote the lyrics of the college's Alma Mater,[4] but it is not clear whether this was the same person.


Short fictionEdit

  • The Iron Cross. West Medford, MA: Christian Women's Peace Movement, 1915.


  • An American Ace (with music by Frederick Stevenson). Los Angeles: Wilford Music.

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