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Joy Yourcenar (1963-2016). Photo by Eric Boutilier-Brown. Courtesy Sundress Publications.

Joy Olivia Yourcenar (December 8, 1963 - April 21, 2016)[1] was an American poet who wrote on Usenet.

Life[edit | edit source]

Yourcenar was born Mary Joyce in Lewiston, Maine, of Acadian descent. She began reading at 3, and became a voracious reader. She had written poetry for as long as she could remember.[2]

In college she met poets Jim Bishop and Rhea Cote Robbins. Later she was mentored by Farnham Blair.[2]

Through her life Yourcenar worked as a reporter for a weekly paper, a liaison for the Maine Foster Parents Association, a court appointed special advocate, a researcher for a public policy survey firm, a substitute teacher, a proof-reader, and a technical writer for the Maine School and Library Project. She had 2 children, James and Zoe-Genevieve, by a first marriage.[2]

In 1998 she legally changed her name to Joy Olivia Yourcenar, the last name a tribute to novelist Marguerite Yourcenar.[2]

By 1999 Yourcenar was an expatriate, living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with her life partner, Eric Boutilier-Brown, and her daughter, Zoe-Genevieve.[3] That year she and Ryan Deschamps hosted the annual rec.arts.poems picnic in Halifax.[2]

She and Boutilier-Brown were married on February 2, 2002, and moved to Moncton, New Brunswick in 2003.[2]

Her publication credits included online magazines Gravity and The Initiative, and print publications Maine Review, Stolen Island Review, and Silhouettes in Electric Sky (a print anthology featuring the best of 2 years of Gravity).[4] Newsgroups she posted onto included rec.arts.poems and Alt.arts.poetry.comments.

She also posted on DeviantArt under the pseudonym "etherore."[5]

She was a cancer survivor.[2] During her life she also suffered from Type II diabetes, Graves' Disease, and Multiple Sclerosis.[6]

Around 2010 she moved to Salem, Oregon,[5] where she died in 2016.[1]

Publications[edit | edit source]

  • Looking at God's Vacation Slides. Cedar Street Press, 2005.[7]

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