Rydal Mount, Home of William Wordsworth

Rydal Mount, home of William and Dorothy Wordsworth in the Lake District. Photo by Rachel Rodgers. Licensed under Creative Commons, courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

The Lake Poets were a group of English poets who lived in the Lake District of England at the close of the 18th and beginning of the 19th centuries.


The 3 main figures of what has become known as the Lakes School are William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and Robert Southey. They were associated with several other poets and writers, including Dorothy Wordsworth, Charles Lloyd, Hartley Coleridge, Charles Lamb, John Wilson, and Thomas De Quincey.

As a group, they followed no single "school" of thought or literary practice then known, although their works were uniformly disparaged by the Edinburgh Review(Citation needed). They are considered part of the Romantic Movement.

The beauty of the Lake District has also inspired many other poets over the years, beyond the core Lake Poets. These include James Payn, Bryan Procter, Felicia Hemans, and Walter Scott.

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