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Leslie Coulson

Leslie Coulson (1889-1916). Courtesy My Poetic Side.

Leslie Coulson (19 July 1889 - 8 October 1916) was an English poet and journalist killed in World War I.[1]


Coulson was born in Kilburn, London, a son of Frederick Coulson,[2] a columnist for the London Sunday Chronicle.[3]

Leslie and his brother Raymond[4] attended boarding school in Norfolk.[3]

Leslie then worked as a reporter on the Evening News. In 1914 he became assistant editor on The Standard, but left later that year after war broke out.[3]

He joined the Royal Fusiliers in 1914, less than a month after the declaration of war, and was shipped out on Christmas Eve, 1914. He saw service in Malta, Egypt, and Gallipoli (where he was wounded). He was posted to the Western Front in 1916.[2]

In France that summer, Coulson wrote: ""I have seen men shattered, dying, dead – all the sad tragedy of war. And this murder of old stone, and lichened thatches, this shattering of little old churches and homesteads brings the tragedy home to me more acutely. I think to find an English village like this would almost break my heart."[5]

On 7 October 1916 he was shot in the chest in a British attack during the Somme offensive. He died the next day, aged 27.[3] He is buried at the CWGC Grove Town Cemetery, Méaulte.


Coulson's father Frederick edited a bestselling collection of his son's poems and published them in 1917 as From an Outpost, and other poems. The book sold 10,000 copies that year.[2]


"The Rainbow" by Leslie Coulson

"The Rainbow" by Leslie Coulson

  • From an Outpost, and other poems. London: Erskine Macdonald, 1917.[6]

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