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Poetry groups and movements or schools may be self-identified by the poets that form them or defined by critics who see unifying characteristics of a body of work by more than one poet. To be a 'school' a group of poets must share a common style or a common ethos. A commonality of form is not in itself sufficient to define a school; for example, Edward Lear, George du Maurier and Ogden Nash do not form a school simply because they all wrote limericks.

There are many different 'schools' of poetry. The following is an alphabetical list of poetry groups and movements.



  1. Academy of American Poets, American, 20th, 21st
  2. Aestheticism, English, 19th
  3. Alexandrian Pleiad, Greek, 3rd BC
  4. Angry Penguins, Australian, 20th
  5. Areopagus, English, 16th
  6. Auden Group, English, 20th
  7. Augustan poetry, English, 18th

B Edit

  1. Bardic poetry, Irish, 10th-15th
  2. Beat Generation, American, 20th
  3. Black Arts Movement, American, 20th
  4. Black Mountain poets, American, 20th

C Edit

  1. Cairo poets, English, 20th
  2. Castalian Band, Scottish, 16th
  3. Cavalier poets, English, 17th
  4. Celtic Twilight, Ireland, 19th
  5. Chhayavaad, Indian, 20th
  6. Confederation Poets, Canadian, 19th
  7. Confessional poetry
  8. Consistori del Gay Saber, Occitan, 14th
  9. Los Contemporáneos, Spanish, 20th
  10. Créolité, French Caribbean, 20th
  11. Cyclic Poets

D Edit

  1. Dadaism, European, 20th
  2. Decadent movement, European, 19th
  3. Deep image, American, 20th
  4. Della Cruscans, English / Italian, 18th
  5. Dolce Stil Novo, Italian, 13th
  6. Dymock poets, English, 20th

E Edit

  1. The poets of Elan, Ecuador, 20th
  2. Elliptical poetry, American, 21st
  3. Expansive Poetry, American, 20th

F Edit

  1. Fireside Poets, American, 19th
  2. Fugitives, American, 20th
  3. Futurism, European, 20th

G Edit

  1. Garip, Turkish, 20th
  2. Generation of '27, Spanish, 20th
  3. Georgian poets, English, 20th
  4. Goliards, Latin, 12th, 13th
  5. Graveyard poets, English, 18th-19th
  6. The Group (literature), English, 20th

H Edit

  1. Harlem Renaissance, American, 20th
  2. Hartford Wits, American, 18th
  3. Harvard Aesthetes, American, 20th
  4. Hungry Generation, Bengali, 20th


  1. Imagism, English, 20th
  2. Informationist poetry, Scottish, 20th

J Edit

  1. Jazz poetry, American, 20th
  2. Jindyworobak Movement, Australian, 20th

K Edit

  1. Knickerbocker Group, American, 19th

L Edit

  1. Lake Poets, English, 19th
  2. Language poets, American, 20th
  3. League of Canadian Poets, Canadian, 20th-21st
  4. Liverpool poets, English, 20th

M Edit

  1. Martian poetry, English, 20th
  2. Medway Poets, English, 20th
  3. Misty Poets, Chinese, 20th
  4. Montreal Group, Canadian, 20th
  5. The Movement, English, 20th

N Edit

  1. Négritude, French, 20th
  2. New Apocalyptics, British, 20th
  3. New Formalism, American, 20th
  4. New Narrative, American, 20th
  5. New York School, American, 20th

O Edit

  1. Objectivist poets, American, 20th
  2. Others (art group), American, 20th

P Edit

  1. Parnassians France, 19th
  2. Pastoralism
  3. La Pléiade
  4. Poetic transrealism
  5. Poetry Society, English, 20th-21st
  6. Poetry Society of America, American, 20th-21st

R Edit

  1. Rhymers' Club, English, 19th
  2. Rochester Poets
  3. Romantic poetry, European, 19th
  4. Russian Futurism, Russian, 20th

S Edit

  1. San Francisco Renaissance, United States, 20th
  2. Scottish Renaissance
  3. Scriblerus Club, England, 18th
  4. Shenstone Circle, England, 18th
  5. Sicilian School, Sicily, 13th
  6. Poetry Slam
  7. The Song Fishermen, Canada, 20th
  8. Sons of Ben, England, 17th
  9. Southern Agrarians, United States, 20th
  10. Spasmodic poets
  11. Spectrism
  12. Surrealism, Europe, 19th
  13. Symbolism

U Edit

  1. Umbra poets, American, 20th
  2. Uranian poetry, English, 19th


  1. Vorticism, English, 20th


  1. Weaver Poets, Ulster Scots, 19th
  2. Wellington Group, New Zealand, 20th
  3. Wilton Circle, England, 16th

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