The Pitt Building in Cambridge, England; formerly the headquarters of Cambridge University Press. Photo by Andrew Dunn, 2004. Licensed under Creative Commons, courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

A university press (U.P.) is an academic, nonprofit publishing house that is typically affiliated with a large research university, and publishes work that has been reviewed by scholars in the field. It produces mainly scholarly works. Because scholarly books are mostly unprofitable, university presses may also publish textbooks and reference works, which tend to have larger audiences and sell more copies. Most university presses operate at a loss and are, perforce, subsidized by their parent universities. However, certain presses, notably Yale University Press, are self-sufficient, often because of endowments.

Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press are the two largest university presses in the world. The largest university press in the United States is the University of Chicago Press.[1] Cambridge University Press is both the oldest publishing house in the world and the oldest university press.

University presses tend to develop specialized areas of expertise. For example, Yale publishes many art books, the University of Chicago publishes many academic journals, the University of Illinois press specializes in labor history, and MIT Press publishes linguistics titles.

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English-speaking countriesEdit


  1. Charles Darwin University Press
  2. Melbourne University Publishing
  3. Monash University Publishing
  4. Sydney University Press
  5. University of Adelaide Press
  6. University of Queensland Press
  7. University of Technology Sydney
  8. University of Western Australia Press


  1. University of Alberta Press
  2. Athabasca University Press
  3. University of Calgary Press
  4. McGill-Queen's University Press
  5. University of British Columbia Press
  6. University of Ottawa Press
  7. University of Toronto Press
  8. Wilfrid Laurier University Press

New ZealandEdit

  1. Auckland University Press
  2. Victoria University Press


  1. Ateneo de Manila University Press
  2. University of the Philippines Press
  3. University of Santo Tomas Publishing House


  1. NUS Press

United KingdomEdit

  1. Cambridge University Press
  2. Edinburgh University Press
  3. Imperial College Press
  4. Liverpool University Press
  5. Manchester University Press
  6. Nottingham University Press
  7. Oxford University Press
  8. Sheffield Academic Press
  9. University of Exeter Press
  10. University of Wales Press
  11. The University of York Music Press

United StatesEdit

  1. Arte Publico Press (University of Houston)
  2. Baylor University Press
  3. Bob Jones University Press
  4. Brigham Young University Press
  5. Bucknell University Press
  6. Carnegie Mellon University Press
  7. Catholic University of America Press
  8. Cleveland State University Poetry Center
  9. Columbia University Press
  10. Cornell University Press
  11. Duke University Press
  12. Duquesne University Press
  13. Eastern Washington University Press (?1975-2010)
  14. Fairleigh Dickinson University Press
  15. Fordham University Press
  16. Gallaudet University Press
  17. Georgetown University Press
  18. George Mason University Press
  19. Harvard University Press
  20. Howard University Press
  21. Indiana University Press
  22. Alice James Books (University of Maine)
  23. Johns Hopkins University Press
  24. Kent State University Press
  25. Lehigh University Press
  26. Louisiana State University Press
  27. MIT Press
  28. Michigan State University Press
  29. Moody Publishers
  30. New Issues Press (University of Michigan).
  31. New York University Press
  32. Northwestern University Press
  33. Penn State University Press
  34. Princeton University Press
  35. Purdue University Press
  36. Rice University Press
  37. Rockefeller University Press
  38. Rutgers University Press
  39. San Diego State University Press
  40. Saint Joseph's University Press
  41. Southern Illinois University Press
  42. Southern Methodist University Press
  43. Stanford University Press
  44. State University of New York Press
  45. Syracuse University Press
  46. Temple University Press
  47. Texas A&M University Press
  48. Texas Christian University Press
  49. Texas Tech University Press
  50. Texas Western Press
  51. Trinity University Press
  52. University of Akron Press
  53. University of Alabama Press
  54. University of Alaska Press
  55. University of Arizona Press
  56. University of California Press
  57. University of Chicago Press
  58. University of Delaware Press
  59. University of Georgia Press
  60. University of Hawaii Press
  61. University of Idaho Press
  62. University of Illinois Press
  63. University of Massachusetts Press
  64. University of Michigan Press
  65. University of Minnesota Press
  66. University of Missouri Press
  67. University of Nebraska Press
  68. University of Nevada Press
  69. University of New Mexico Press
  70. University of New Orleans Press
  71. University of North Carolina Press
  72. University of North Texas Press
  73. University of Notre Dame Press
  74. University of Oklahoma Press
  75. University of Pennsylvania Press
  76. University of Pittsburgh Press
  77. University Press of Colorado
  78. University Press of Florida
  79. University Press of Kansas
  80. University Press of Kentucky
  81. University Press of Mississippi
  82. University Press of New England
  83. University of Scranton Press
  84. University of South Carolina Press
  85. University of Tennessee Press
  86. University of Texas Press
  87. University of Utah Press
  88. University of Virginia Press
  89. University of Washington Press
  90. University of Wisconsin Press
  91. Utah State University Press
  92. Vanderbilt University Press
  93. Washington State University Press
  94. Wayne State University Press
  95. Wesleyan University Press
  96. West Virginia University Press
  97. Wharton School Publishing
  98. Yale University Press

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