Lorraine Bethel

Lorraine Bethel. Courtesy Keitanrigg.

Lorraine Bethel is an African-American poet and non-fiction author.


She is a graduate of Yale University.

A lesbian feminist, Bethel has taught and lectured on black women's literature and black female culture at various institutions. She works as a freelance journalist in New York City.


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  • "What Chou Mean 'We', White Girl? Or, the Culled Lesbian Feminist Declaration of Independence (Dedicated to the proposition that all women are not equal, i.e., identical/ly oppressed,'; poem published in Bethel & Smith 1979, pp. 86-92


  • "'This infinity of conscious pain': Zora Neale Hurston and the black female literary tradition"; in But Some of Us Are Brave: All the women Are white, all the blacks are men: Black women's studies (edited by Gloria T. Hull, Barbara Smith, & Patricia Bell Scott). Feminist Press, 1986.. ISBN 0-912670-95-9


  • The Black Women’s Issue, Conditions: Five 2:2 (Autumn 1979) (edited by Bethel & Barbara Smith). Brooklyn, NY: Conditions, 1979.

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