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Marianne Bluger

Marianne Bluger (1945-2005). Courtesy NeilyWorld.

Marianne Sasha Bluger Neily (August 28, 1945 - October 29, 2005) was a Canadian poet.[1]


Bluger was born in Ottawa,[2] the daughter of Ruth Anna (Mallory) and Walter Vladimir Bluger, a mathematician and Holocaust survivor.[1] She spent her childhood in various small towns where her father taught school.[2]

She attended McGill University, where she studied pre-med and studied poetry under Louis Dudek, graduating with distinction.[2]

She dropped out of medical school to marrry a Zen Master, Samu Kim of Toronto.[2] Though the marriage was brief, the couple had 2 children: Michael "Maji" Kim (born 1969), and Micheline "Agi" Mallory (born 1970), whom she raised as a single mother.[1]

She met Larry Neily in 1989, and the couple were married in 1991. Bluger dedicated most of her poetry collections to Neily.[1]

She was executive secretary–treasurer of the Canadian Writers' Foundation, from 1975 to 2000.[3]

She was a co-founder of Christians Against Apartheid and the Tabitha Foundation.[1]


Canadian Literature: "Marianne Bluger's seventh book, Scissor, Paper, Woman, invests in images so precise they resound far beyond the pages that contain them."[4]


Bluger's 1992 collection, Summer Grass, won the 1993 Archibald Lampman Award, and was shortlisted for the 1992 Pat Lowther Award.[5]


Stan Dragland reads from Gathering Wild, by Marianne Bluger (Brick Books)

Stan Dragland reads from Gathering Wild, by Marianne Bluger (Brick Books)

Except where noted, bibliographical information courtesy University of Toronto.[6]

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