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Mary Anne Browne (1812-1845), Mont Blanc, and other poems (1827). Forgotten Books, 2018. Courtesy

Mary Anne Browne (24 September 1812 - 28 January 1845) was an English poet.[1]


Browne was born at Bray, in Berkshire.[1] Though some sources mention Felicia Hemans was her sister, that is not the case.[2][3]

She began publishing poetry in 1826 in the Berkshire Chronicle, whose editor encouraged her writing.[1] She published her debut collection the following year, at 15.[4]

In 1842 she married James Gray, a nephew of biographer Thomas Hogg.[4] Her last collection was issued as "Mrs. James Gray".[1]

She died at her home in Cork of "heart spasms", aged 32.[1]


  • Mont Blanc, and other poems. London: Hatchard, 1827.
  • Ada, and other poems. London: Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, & Green, 1828.
  • Repentance, and other poems. London: Longman / Hatchard / Saunders & Benning, 1829.
  • The Coronal: Original poems, sacred and miscellaneous. London: Hamilton, Adams / Liverpool, UK: D. Marples, 1833.
  • The Birth-day Gift. London: Hamilton, Adams, 1834.
  • Ignatia and other poems. London: Hamilton, Adams, 1838.
  • Sacred Poetry. London: Hamilton, Adams, 1840.
  • Sketches from the Antique, and other poems (as "Mrs. James Gray"). 1844. Dublin: William Curry, Jun. / London: Longman, 1844.

Except where noted, bibliographical information courtesy WorldCat.[5]

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