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Mary Balfour (January 24, 1778 - 1819) was an Irish poet who worked as a schoolteacher.[1][2]


Balfour was probably born and raised in Derry. After the death of her parents she and her sisters moved to Limvady, where she worked as a schoolteacher. In 1810 she published a collection of original and translated poems, dedicated to the Bishop of Derry in whose gift her father's living had been.

By 1813 she had moved to Belfast and opened a school. In her later years she was called Mary Balfour Bruton, presumably her married name.[1]


Eight of her poems were anthologized in Edward Bunting's General Collection of Ancient Irish Music, 1809.[3]




  • Kathleen O’Neil: A grand national melodrama. Belfast: Archbold and Duncan 1814.[4]


  • General Collection of Ancient Irish Music (2nd edition). 1809.

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