Mary Frances Ames (1853-1929), An ABC for Baby Patriots, 1899. Courtesy Representative Poetry Online.

Mary Francis Leslie Ames (1853-1929) was a Canadian poet who wrote and illustrated children's books.[1]


Born Mary Frances Leslie Miller, she married Ernest Ames, a railway engineer,[1] and authored and illustrated children's books as Ernest Ames or Mrs. Ernest Ames. She wrote An ABC, for Baby Patriots (1899), which was used for teaching children the alphabet,[2] and illustrated The Tremendous Twins; or How the Boers were beaten (1900) and Really and Truly! or, The century for babes, books of verse written by her husband Ernest.[1]

Books by Mrs. Ames are taught as examples of imperialism and colonialism in literature classes,[3] and cited as such elsewhere.[4]


From An ABC, for Baby Patriots, 1899:

A is the Army
    That dies for the Queen;
It's the very best Army
    That ever was seen,

B stands for Battles
    By which England's name
Has for ever been covered
    With glory and fame.[1]


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