Template:Refimprove Template:Globalize A Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) is a graduate degree typically requiring 2–3 years of postgraduate study beyond the bachelor's degree (BFA), although the term of study will vary by country or by university. The M.F.A. is usually awarded in visual arts, creative writing, filmmaking, dance, or theatre/performing arts. Coursework is primarily of an applied or performing nature with the program often culminating in a major work or performance.

M.F.A. programs have generally required a bachelor's degree prior to admission, but many do not require that the undergraduate major be the same as the M.F.A. field of study. The most important admissions requirement has often been a sample portfolio or a performance audition.

The M.F.A. differs from the Master of Arts in that the M.F.A. , while an academic program, centers around practice in the particular field, whereas programs leading to the M.A. are usually centered on the scholarly, academic, or critical study of the field.

In the United States, an M.F.A. is seen as a terminal degree, meaning that it is considered to be the highest degree in its field. In the interest of extending the connection between creative production and continued academic research, however, some universities have established competingTemplate:Clarify Ph.D programs in fields such as creative writing, visual arts, and theater.

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