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Michael Anania. Courtesy Nebraska Center for Writers.

Michael Anania (born August 5, 1939) is an American poet.


Anania was born in Omaha, Nebraska. His mother, Dora, was an immigrant from Germany. His father, Angelo, an immigrant from Italy, was unable to hold a regular job due to tuberculosis, and supported the family by odd jobs and playing cards. Anania grew up in a housing project and attended Omaha inner-city schools where "saying you were a poet would be a little bit like standing up and saying you were a target."[1]

Anania attended the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, where he studied under Karl Shapiro, and the Municipal University of Omaha (later the University of Nebraska at Omaha), where he received a B.A.; and then earned a Ph.D. at the State University of New York at Buffalo.[2]

He then taught at Fredonia University, Northwestern University (1965-1968), and the University of Illinois at Chicago.[1] He taught English at the University of Illinois until his retirement.[2]

In 1969 he edited the New Poetry Anthology. His first collection of poetry, The Colour of Dust, was published in 1970.[1]


Anania is a modernist poet . In his Afterword to the New Poetry Anthology, he wrote: "There is little evidence that modernism is dead or even dying. The tradition of Pound, Eliot, Williams, Stevens and their contemporaries is very much alive.". Says the Poetry Foundation: "Anania's importance as a poet lies in how he preserves and develops this modernist tradition in American poetry. A deep commitment to modernism and the tradition of experimental, often difficult, poetry that flows from modernism has informed Anania's career as poet, editor, essayist, and novelist from its beginning to the present day. "[1]



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Except where noted, bibliographical information courtesy of the Poetry Foundation.[1]

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