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Pádraig J. Daly, also known as Patrick J. Daly (born 1943), is an Irish poet and Catholic priest.[1]


Daly was born near Dungarvan, co. Waterford.[2] He studied at University College Dublin and Gregorian University, Rome.[1]

He works as an Augustinian priest in Dublin,[2] serving as Parish Priest in Ballyboden.

He has published several collections of poetry, among them The Last Dreamers: New & Selected Poems (1999) and The Other Sea (2003).

He has also translated from Italian, including Edoardo Sanguineti's Libretto (1999) and Paolo Ruffilli's Joy and Mourning (reissued 2007).[2] Daly's translation was the first Sanguineti book to be rendered into English. According to the publishers, Dedalus Press/Dufour Editions, Daly accepted the difficult task of translating Libretto "because he finds Sanguineti's poetry so lifeaffirming, and because he believes that even the poorest translation may lead people to read more of him."[3]

Some of Daly’s works have been broadcast on RTÉ radio, and some have been translated into Italian for broadcast on Italian radio.[4]


In Clinging to the Myth (2007), he reflects on grief and personal bereavement and uses the voices of 18th century Gaelic poetry to respond to the challenges of a post-Christian Ireland.

Daly says, "I write poetry as a way of understanding, questioning and celebrating God and the world." John F. Deane says that “Daly offers the most sustained attempt at serious religious poetry in Ireland and the distinct pleasure of the exquisite use of language.”[2] His work has been described by poet Michael O'Dea as reminiscent of the poems of another clergyman, R.S. Thomas.[5]



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Except where noted, bibliographical information courtesy WorldCat.[6]

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