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Ralph Cheever Dunning (1878-1930) was an American poet.[1]


Dunning was born in Detroit, Michigan. He immigrated to Paris in 1905.[1]

Dunning was remarkably apathetic about publication. His first book, Hyllas, was published in London in 1910. Thereafter he submitted nothing to publishers for over a decade. In the early 1920's he befriended Ezra Pound, who convinced him to submit work to Poetry and the Transatlantic Review. Both literary magazines published generous selections of Dunning's work, to Pound's delight if not Dunning's.[2]

There is some evidence that Dunning was addicted to opium (which could explain his apathy toward publication), and that Pound was supplying him with it. Pound was also buying food for him, but often Dunning simply "forgot to eat".[3]

Dunning died in Paris of starvation and tuberculosis.[1]



  • An Italian Tale: Written in terza rima with double rimes throughout. Paris: privately published, 1913.
  • Rococo: A poem. Paris: E.W. Titus, 1926.
  • Windfalls. Paris: E.W. Titus, 1929.


Except where noted, bibliographical information courtesy WorldCat.[4]

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