Randy Blasing. Courtesy Community College of Rhode Island.

Randy Blasing (born 1943) is an American poet and translator.[1]


Blasing was educated at Carleton College and the University of Chicago.[1]

He is married to Mutlu (Konuk), a native of Turkey who has taught at Brown University and Pomona College. Together the couple has translated numerous volumes of poetry by Turkish poet Nazim Hikmet.[1]



  • Light Years: Poems. New York: Persea, 1977.
  • To Continue: Poems. New York: Persea, 1983.
  • The Particles: Poems. Providence, RI: Copper Beech Press, 1983.
  • The Double House of Life: Poems. New York: Persea, 1989.
  • Graphic Scenes. New York: Persea, 1994.
  • Second Home. Providence, RI: Copper Beech Press, 2001.
  • Choice Words: Poems 1970-2005. Providence, RI: Copper Beech Press, 2007.

Translated Edit

with Mutlu Konuk Blasing:

  • Nazim Hikmet, Things I Didn’t Know I Loved: Selected poems. New York: Persea, 1975.
  • Nazim Hikmet, The Epic of Sheik Bedreddin, and other poems. New York: Persea, 1977.
  • Nazim Hikmet, Human Landscapes. New York: Persea, 1982.
  • Nazim Hikmet, Rubaiyat. Providence, RI: Copper Beech Press, 1985.
  • Nazim Hikmet, Selected Poetry. New York: Persea, 1986.
  • Nazim Hikmet, Poems of Nazim Hikmet. New York: Persea, 1994
    • revised & expanded 2nd edition, 2002.
  • Nazim Hikmet, Human Landscapes from My Country: An Epic Novel in Verse. New York: Persea, 2009.

Except where noted, bibliographical information courtesy the Poetry Foundation.[1]

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"Because of You," by Nazim Hikmet

"Because of You," by Nazim Hikmet


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