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Sindhi poetry is poetry written in the Sindhi language (Template:Lang-sd). It continues an oral tradition of a thousand years.


Sindhi is one of the oldest languages of the Indus Valley having itsown literary colour both in poetry and prose. Sindhi poetry is very rich in thoughts as well as contain variety of genres like other developed languages. Old Sindhi poetry impact upon contemporary languages and also accept the healthy influence of some languages like Hindi. Sindhi Poetry contain two main original forms of verse, such as 'Beit' and 'Vaei'. Beit slightly resemble with form Dohas and Sorthas , moreover also influenced by Persian forms of prosody like Ghazal, Mathnavi, Rubai Kaafi etc., and, thereafter, in the nineteen forties, was further strengthened by Sonnet and Blank Verse. Soon after the partition of the sub-continent, these forms were reinforced by Triolet, Haiku, Renga and Tanka etc. At present, these forms continue to co-exist, albeit in a varying degree, with Azad Nazm having an edge over them all.

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