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Spanish poetry is the poetic tradition of Spain. It may include elements of Spanish literature, and literatures written in languages of Spain other than Castilian, such as Catalan literature. In the 19th century, there were many different styles to Spanish poetry. One style was called Fortuname and another Amoramente. These concluded in the great era of Spanish poetry.

Early Middle AgesEdit

  • Mozarab Jarchas, the first expression of Spanish poetry, in Mozárabe dialect

Middle AgesEdit

Arabic & Hebrew Poetry during the Moorish PeriodEdit

After 1492Edit

The Golden Century (El Siglo de Oro)Edit


1898 until 1926Edit

The Generation of 1898 writers were mostly novelists but some were poets.

1927 until 1936Edit

The Generation of 1927 were mostly poets. Many were also involved with the production of music and theatre plays.

1939 until 1975Edit

Poets during the World War II and under General Franco in peacetime:

1975 until presentEdit

Post-Franco and Contemporary Spanish Poets:

See alsoEdit

References Edit

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