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Parent company University of Queensland
Founded 1948
Country of origin Australia
Headquarters location Brisbane, Queensland
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Established in 1948, University of Queensland Press (UQP) is a dynamic publishing house known for its innovative philosophy and commitment to producing books of high quality and cultural significance. It has launched the careers of many Australian writers, such as David Malouf, Peter Carey, Kate Grenville, Doris Pilkington and Nick Earls.

Originally founded as a traditional university press, UQP has since branched into publishing books for general readers in the areas of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, Indigenous writing and youth literature.

UQP's books and authors have received national and international recognition through literary prizes, rights sales and writers’ festivals.

From 2010, UQP has been meeting the challenges of a changing publishing landscape by releasing selected out-of-print titles in digital formats, in addition to the digital and print publishing of new books.

History[edit | edit source]

UQP began as a publisher of scholarly works in 1948, and made its transition into trade publishing in the mid 1960s through its Paperback Poets series.[1] The Paperback Poets series came into being when Australian novelist and poet David Malouf approached publisher Frank Thompson and suggested that poetry ought to be made available widely and inexpensively. Thompson agreed, and UQP's poetry list began with Malouf's first book, Bicycle and Other Poems, alongside volumes by Michael Dransfield and Rodney Hall.[1] Since then, UQP has become Australia's leading poetry publisher, maintaining a poetry list that includes John Tranter, David Malouf, Thomas Shapcott, and many others.

UQP today[edit | edit source]

UQP currently publishes books for general readers in the areas of fiction, poetry, non-fiction, Indigenous writing and youth literature. Many of UQP's recent fiction and poetry titles have won significant international acclaim, including Peter Carey's True History of the Kelly Gang, which won the 2001 Man Booker Prize and the Commonwealth Writers Prize.

In 2010, UQP announced that it will release selected out-of-print titles in digital formats, in addition to the digital and print publishing of new books.

Books and authors[edit | edit source]

The UQP publication list includes novels, short stories, memoirs, essays, and poetry by writers such as Les Murray, Peter Carey, David Malouf, Katharine Susannah Prichard, Kenneth Slessor, Thea Astley, Janette Turner Hospital, Kate Grenville, Beverley Farmer, Lily Brett, Frank Brennan, Ian Lowe, Bernhard Schlink, Olga Masters, Randolph Stow, Michael Dransfield, Bruce Beaver, Jennifer Mills, Gwen Harwood and Elizabeth Jolley.

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