[ On A May Glory---------A Welcome Song]

O' sprite full Maia,come attire our lands with your boundless prize,
Of joyful swelling by the natures pleasing bloom,and green surprise;
To sprout a floral bedding round the yards and shades for worthy dales--
For birds to spin their adorned bowers over the dewy boughs and vales.
Hail! to you goddess--deck the forest's lingering beauty,thus come---
Let streams do flow across the thick and bushy meadows over your prime,
For hawthorn white and lilies to bud,and converse fragrance in air,
To wind down our minds with breezes blow,groovy lift's cools us lighter.
Mid mate of months---come and show your primeval splendor and glee---
While south is praising vintager's autumn, north's propitious spring do fly 
And make the country lush with garden fruits, more sweetest scent's they spray
To Fill each rose with flavors long, for all the ardent grooms they pray
Come Glitter, glitter lusty rays,and sun is warm in moderate mood.
Behold! the coming of her's, bees gathered among the newly buds.
                                                             ­                             Nithin Purple


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