Victor Anderson. Courtesy Harpy Books.

Victor Henry Anderson (May 21, 1917 – September 20, 2001) was an American poet.

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Anderson was a Kahuna, a leader of the American Neopagan movement, and a seminal teacher of the Feri Tradition (sometimes spelled Fairy, Faery or Faerie).[1]

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Anderson was born in Clayton, New Mexico. An accident early in life left him nearly blind.

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He was the renowned author of the Thorns of the Blood Rose, a book of Neopagan and love poetry; Etheric Anatomy: the Three Selves and Astral Travel (with Cora Anderson); and Lilith's Garden (a companion volume to Thorns, published posthumously).

Victor and his wife Cora Anderson initiated some of the most influential people in contemporary Paganism, such as Starhawk and the late Gwydion Pendderwen. Victor and Cora are regarded as Grand Masters of the Feri Tradition.


Anderson won the Clover International Poetry Competition Award in 1975.[1]



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Except where noted, bibliographical information courtesy WorldCat.[3]

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