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Walter Billeter (born 1943) is an Australian poet.[1]


Billeter was born in Sierre, Switzerland.[1] He was trained as a draftsman in Basel, where he first began to publish poetry. He co-founded a Literary magazine, Sphaira, which published 1962-1964.[2]

Billeter emigrated to Australia in 1966.[1]. He settled in Sydney, where he worked as a draftsman, and began contributing to Australian magazines. He published his only collection of poetry in 1973.[2] In 1974 he and John Jenkins founded the [[literary magazine etymspheres. In 1977 he edited the anthology 3 Blind Mice with Kris Hemensley and Robert Kenney.[1]

Besides his own poetry, Billeter has translatied the work of German of Konrad Bayer and Paul Celan.[1]




  • Breath Crystals / translations of Paul Celan. [Atemkristal] Paris: Brunidor, 1965. Ivanhoe, Vic.: Ragman, 1966.[3]


  • Sphaira (magazine). 1962-1964.
  • etymspheres (magazine). 1974.
  • Three Blind Mice (anthology). 1977.

Except where noted, bibliographical information courtesy the Australian Poetry Library.[2]

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