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The Seeds and Fruits of English Poetry by Ford Madox Brown (1821-1893), 1845-1851. Courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

Welcome to Penny's Poetry Pages, your one-stop resource for poetry and poetry information. "About poetry" gives you information about reading, studying, and writing poetry. "About poets" tells you about poets, poetry groups and schools, and the art's history. "About poems" gives you selected good and great poems to read. "About publishing" explains the social and economic background, from writing to printing to the book industry. "About copyright" presents information no writer can afford to overlook. "About Shakespeare" collects all our articles about the most famous poet in the English language. "About Penny" tells you who's involved in the Wiki.

Penny and I hope to build the most comprehensive site on English-language poetry on the Web. We're still growing; we hope you'll keep coming back to see what else we've added. All of our articles will be free for you to reprint yourself, either as being in the public domain, or as shared by a Creative Commons or similar license.


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Penny's Poetry Pages is an encyclopedia of poetry, and depends on factual information.

Deleting content from articles, adding nonsense, profanity, or false information will not be tolerated. None of the writers who have set up accounts here have done so; if anyone does, they will be advised, and if necessary the terms of use can be expanded.

On the other hand, there have been many such changes to articles (plus setting up new pages with the same problems), from people who have not registered accounts here. Such drive-by defacement will be blocked immediately, for the minimum term (which will be increased if it recurs).